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Revix is a an international crypto investment company which is available in several countries around the world including South Africa, the company is very popular as it is a platform which makes investing in crypto safer, faster and easier. Revix is backed by Sabvest, a company which is listed on the JSE. Revix has a great bitcoin rewards program which allows customers to earn reward points which can then be converted into cash or cryptocurrencies. This article seeks to give an in depth analysis of the Revix Rewards Program.

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How does the Revix Rewards work?

It is true that everyone likes to be rewarded if they do something, well, Revix has a great rewards program where you earn points for introducing new clients, these points rewarded to you can then be used to acquire bitcoin or cashed out in rands. If the truth could be told, you have marketed several companies without you knowing that you have done so and those companies have benefited from you and no-one has ever rewarded you, so this rewards program by Revix shows who they are as a brand.
In order for you to be in a position to benefit from the rewards program, you must be a verified user, if you are verified, you can then earn points, level up and get rewarded with lower fees and Bitcoin. There are three things that better explain the Revix Rewards program; Earn, Level Up and Redeem.
In order for you to earn points with Revix, you must start completing specific tasks on the platform including inviting friends to join Revix.
Level Up
If you make referrals and start accumulating points, you will notice that each level offers lower fees and other great rewards.
After earning a total of 200 points, you can redeem them for Bitcoin.
Earning points through the Revix rewards program is extremely easy as you simply need to invite your friends to the platform. When you make a referal, you will earn 150 points and your friend will receive R200 in cash deposited straight into their Revix account. Customers who accumulate 200 points (worth R400) can redeem them for bitcoin which can then be securely stored on Revix’s platform, invested into other crypto products, converted into rands or withdrawn to another bitcoin wallet
What makes the Revix reward program special is that unlike traditional rewards programmes which offered cash back, points, or miles, the Revix’s Rewards programme offers its rewards in the form of a non-traditional currency or digital asset like Bitcoin. The Revix Rewards program makes use of Tiers namely:
The tiers starts at Blue, which is the lowly ranked tier up to VIP, what happens is that as more points are accumulated, clients progress through to Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. The higher the tier, the less trading fees the client pays, and the greater the rewards that are unlocked.
The information below shows the Reward levels and the exclusive benefits of each and every level:
Level Exclusive Benefits
Blue 0 points, Normal Fees
Silver 200 points, 10% off all fees
Gold 500 points, 20% off all fees
Platinum 1000 points, 35% off all fees, Dedicated account manager, Revix cap, Revix t-shirt
VIP 5000 points, 50% off all fees, Dedicated account manager, Revix hoodie
When you have enough points, simply head over to the Rewards page on your Revix dashboard and click ‘Redeem’. You’ll give up your points and receive Bitcoin into your Revix account. Please note that your Revix points never expire and you can redeem your points for Bitcoin at any time.

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