Cape Crypto Referral Code

Cape Crypto is a Cape Town based crypto exchange which was launched on the 5th of November 2020. At the moment, Cape Crypto is mainly focused on the South African market and this is great for South Africans because they have themselves an exchange which is offering them a product that is tailor-made for them unlike exchanges that focus on several countries which may not be able to able to offer trading solutions that best suits the South African market. Cape Crypto is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of Bitcoin to trade with each other. The company offers a simplified buying and selling UX, for customers looking to simply buy or sell without the concept of the exchange. Customers can send and receive Bitcoin as well. Cape Crypto has a great Referral Rewards program whereby you can earn by just referring your friends.

Other Referral programs include:

Referral Rewards

Cape Crypto is still a relatively new crypto exchange and they need to grow their clientelle and one of the ways they can do that is through the assistance of their existing customers. Cape Crypto has a Referral rewards program whereby a client can earn rewards by referring friends to Cape Crypto. Referral Rewards can make you earn money even when you are not trading.

If you have several friends that may be interested in Crypto, you may refer them to the exchange. The good thing about the rewards is that if your friend joins Cape Crypto, you will earn a portion of your referred friends trading fees, not just once or twice, but for life, what this means is that if your friend buys or sells on Cape Crypto, you will get a portion of their trading fees, forever. The Cape Crypto reward is a massive 20% of their trade fees.

How do I refer my friends to Cape Crypto?

 Referring your friends to Cape Crypto is quite simple, you simply need to give your friends the referral code which they must use when Signing Up. There are two ways by which you can share the code, you can either send it to them directly and they enter it when signing up, or you can send them your unique link and their code will automatically be applied when they signup. 

In order for you to send your unique link, you must logi into your Cape Crypto account on the Android or iOS app, tap the profile screen and hit “INVITE FRIENDS” to get your unique link.