OVEX South Africa

Most South Africans are now warming up to the idea of using Cryptocurrencies and that may be the reason why a company like OVEX was formed. OVEX is a South African cryptocurrency exchange which has been up and running since February 2019. The service offered by OVEX is impressive because the company offers trading in over 20 cryptocurrencies and one fiat currency.
One of the main reasons why OVEX is popular is because of its low fees, tight spreads, and swift settlements and this then makes it easy to profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage. If you are into cryptocurrencies, you will know that cryptocurrencies are cheaper to buy in certain foreign markets than in South African markets due to local exchange controls, OVEX then takes advantage of that because it allows its customers to purchase cryptocurrencies from exchanges in countries such as the US, and immediately sell them at a higher rand price in South Africa (always check the Bitcoin to ZAR price before you buy bitcoin in SA).
OVEX is backed by crypto investment group Invictus, which ensures it has sufficient liquidity to operate and provide the level and speed of service we promise our clients. The company uses the United States dollar USD, and this is important because the USD is a ‘stable coin’ fully backed by US dollars on a one-for-one basis and this is the reason why OVEX is not prone to the wild price swings of speculative crypto assets like bitcoin.
OVEX also offers crypto interest accounts which offer up to 20% per annum.
OVEX offers ‘Request for Quote’ a service which automatically produces buy and sell order quotes for any currency on the OVEX platform, and you can then choose to accept the quote and buy your cryptocurrency. At this stage, they are playing catchup to Valr and Luno.
Another service which is known as OVEX OTC service designed for high-volume traders. The OTC service provides unmatched execution and settlement services to South African organisations and individuals with a high net worth.

How to register with OVEX South Africa

In order for you to use the services of OVEX, you must sign up for an account on their website and this is a simple exercise. To Sign Up, you must:
Visit their official website at https://www.ovex.io/
Click on the blue ‘Get Started’ button.
Fill in the provided registration form with your
Referral Code (Optional)
Click on the blue ‘Submit’ button to complete the registration process.

How to deposit funds with OVEX South Africa

Making a deposit into your OVEX account is very easy, you must bear it in mind that whenever you make a deposit, you must always include your unique OVEX Reference as this is the only way OVEX would identify whom this deposit belongs to. To make a deposit, you must;
Log into your OVEX account.
Hover over ‘Wallets’ and select the ‘Deposit’ drop-down option.
Select ‘South African Rands (ZAR)’ from the drop-down bar.
Select your relevant bank from the drop-down options.
Make a regular bank transfer (EFT) to the bank details on display. Take note of the reference number. It is crucial you use the correct reference with your deposit

How to withdraw funds from OVEX SA

You can easily withdraw ZAR from your OVEX wallet by following the simple process below, but it is important for you to realise that withdrawals can take up to 2 working days and the time varies from bank to bank. In order to make a withdrawal, you must:
Log into your OVEX account.
Click on ‘Wallets’ then ‘Withdraw’
Change the withdrawal asset to ‘South African Rands (ZAR)’
Input your withdrawal amount, banking details and 2FA code
Which cryptocurrencies does OVEX offer?
OVEX deals in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including;
Tether (USDT)
Binance USD (BUSD)
Ether (ETH)
Binance Coin (BNB)
Bitcoin (BTC)
OVEX Customer Support
OVEX has a great customer support service as you can get in touch with them to help solve all kinds of technical issues. You can get in touch with OVEX 24/7 using the livechat feature on their website. The company also has several social media accounts where you can also get in touch with them and the responses are usually prompt.