Future Forex


Future Forex is a South African investment company based in Capetown which provides automated crypto arbitrage trading. Since every trade is completely hedged, clients are not exposed to changes in the price of foreign exchange or cryptocurrencies while a trade is open. Other Arb trading firms include: Currency Hub and Koin expert.


Future Forex does not offer a mobile application for services on the go. The primary platform for their services and products is their website. The Future Forex website has a sleek UI and UX rich with intuitive features for beginners. Though the arbitrage strategy is somewhat advanced trading, the website tries to simplify the process.

How Future Forex works

The main service offered by Future Forex is arbitrage trading automation. When an asset’s price differs between two markets, arbitrage is feasible. By purchasing the asset for less money and then selling it in another market for more money, one can profit from an arbitrage opportunity. Future Forex has shown that some crypto assets, like Bitcoin, sell for more money (usually 2–5 percent more) in South Africa than elsewhere. Always be sure to check the live Bitcoin to ZAR price.

Users can purchase cryptocurrency assets abroad and profitably resell them in South Africa because of this pricing disparity. The platform streamlines the procedure from beginning to end so clients can easily take advantage of this high-yield opportunity.

Getting started with arbitrage trading at Future Forex

Here is how to get started with Future Forex arbitrage:

  • Creating an account is the initial step. After this, the user will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will work to streamline the process and make sure users get the most out of it.
  • The user’s FICA paperwork (ID, proof of address, and source of funds), which will be utilized to create a forex account with Mercantile Bank, will then be provided to the exchange.
  • Users perform EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) deposits to the Foreign Exchange account once created so that the exchange may begin the first trading period.

 Trading begins once these procedures are complete. Users receive a statement with their returns and investment history after each trading cycle so they may monitor the development of their investment.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits are made through bank transfers, and ETF (Electronic Fund Transfers) is the primary method of deposits to the Forex Trading account. While money is in a trader’s foreign exchange account, it is always available for withdrawal. Each trade typically takes 24 hours if the money is used for trading and then returned to their foreign exchange account. Due to their high profits and adequate liquidity compared to other crypto asset arbitrage chances, Future Forex now trades solely Bitcoin and USDC, a cryptocurrency tied to the US dollar.


Instead of a fixed management fee, all-inclusive fees operate on a performance fee model. It indicates that the charge is directly correlated with the success of the investment. In other words, the fee structure makes sure that their interests and the traders’ goals of maximizing returns are entirely aligned. Lower costs are assessed for bigger investment quantities in the exchange’s tiered fee structure. 

Users of Future Forex are required to make an R100,000 minimum investment. It is because some fixed costs are associated with the procedure (mainly the bank fees related to sending money abroad), which greatly diminish the rewards on lesser investment amounts and make them less practicable. Future Forex holds that there are no additional or hidden expenses and no payment for registration. The partner tax practitioners that enable the free FIA application service are extremely knowledgeable and competent.

Regulations and the foreign exchange allowance

The invested money should ideally belong to the investor. Most notably, users are prohibited from borrowing money from friends or family if they are taking part in the risk or the rewards because it would amount to using the Single Discretionary or Foreign Capital Allowance. It is regarded as unlawful action since it violates exchange control laws.

Every South African citizen is entitled to an R1 million SDA (Single Discretionary Allowance) and an R10 million FIA (Foreign Investment Allowance) each calendar year to send money abroad. The Foreign Exchange Allowance made up of these two allowances, entitled users to send up to R11 million abroad each calendar year. Regardless of how much was used in the previous year, these allowances are reset on January 1. It is referred to as the Foreign Exchange Allowance.

Crypto Asset Arbitrage profits are subject to income tax. In anticipation of the impending regulation of the crypto-landscape, which is likely to result in CASPs (Crypto Asset Service Providers) adhering to the FAI’s Act like other traditional FSPs, Future Forex offers an intermediary forex service, with zero financial advice, within the framework of the FSCA, SARB, and Currency and Exchanges Act.

Risks associated with arbitrage trading

Arbitrage is a well-known low-risk trading approach. Typically, market risks are connected with holding the item for a long time between buying and selling it. However, Future Forex uses a fully hedged trading system to ensure clients are not exposed to these market risks. 

This fully hedged method is made possible by fixing the sell rate of the cryptocurrency asset at the same time as the purchase. As a result, Future Forex can accurately forecast a client’s return on investment when the trade is being made. Clients can establish a minimum intended return using this tool, and Future Forex will only place a trade if this objective is fulfilled or exceeded. According to Future Forex, no client has ever experienced a gross loss as a result of their platform investments yet. Customers select a minimum desired return for trading, and Future Forex will only open a position if the minimum desired return can be met. As a result, if the predicted return is a loss, the exchange will never start a trade.

Customer service

Future Forex has a buzzing social media presence and very responsive customer service. The exchange has a profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and an email for inquiries. Their website also has a full contact list, including email addresses, physical addresses, and inquiry forms. Their FAQ section is also comprehensive and answers most prospective traders’ questions. The relationship manager offers advice on maximizing investment by utilizing foreign exchange allowance after finishing the initial few trading cycles. While trading, users can increase or decrease the investment without prior notice.