Crypto trading South Africa

Cryptocurrency – Definition

Cryptocurrencies, or ‘crypto,’ are currencies available virtually or digitally. They run on blockchains that use cryptographic algorithms to secure and validate transactions. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and non-physical. Cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets.

All transactions are recorded in a distributed public ledger called the Blockchain. Crypto exchanges mainly provide trading and storage. Cryptocurrencies are intangible, and the owners of these crypto-assets hold the key. This key enables them to move a record or a certain unit of measure from one user to another without mediation from a third party.

Crypto Trading

The crypto market works by responding to various information sources, influencing investors’ ability to make decisions. The decisions, therefore, reflect in the market through price surges (pumping), prices plummeting (dumping), or consolidation phases. They dictate the charts and create a regular pattern predictable through analysis and experience. So before taking up any position in the market, it is important to conduct research, commonly referred to as do your own research (DYOR). These are referred to as Tokenomics in the cryptocurrency markets. Here are some:

  1. Market Supply – This is the total number of coins of a certain cryptocurrency in circulation and in cold storage. It is important for price determination in the supply and demand analysis.
  1. Market capitalization – This refers to the values of all the coins available. Calculated by multiplying the total Market Supply and the Current Market Price. Important in determining the coin’s position compared to other cryptocurrencies.
  1. News – This is the press that affects the cryptocurrency market and how others perceive crypto. Investors act upon this news and adjust their positions accordingly. The famous crypto narrative ‘Buy the rumor, sell the news’ tells us how effective news is in the crypto market.
  1. Integration – This is the project’s viability or the coin’s ecosystem. These are the different use cases of the coin and the solutions it offers. Investors favor strong foundations of projects, for example, Bitcoin’s inflation solution. Other cryptocurrencies aim for the integration of payment methods.
  1. Major events – These are updates, events, and announcements that affect the coin, such as security breaches and economic cycles like the Bear and Bull Run.

Best exchanges for crypto trading in South Africa

  1. Luno

Luno is a beginner-friendly platform with a mobile app for easier accessibility. It offers safe crypto storage temporarily or long-term and easy procedures for buying and selling crypto assets. Luno is available in South Africa as well as many other countries worldwide.

It is a good option for South African users for the feature of converting the local currency ZAR to digital assets like Bitcoin. The downside of Luno is that it only lists eight crypto assets on the platform. Users greatly miss out on other assets. Electric Fund Transfers (EFTs) are charged at a 1.4% premium and a fee of 2% on Bitcoin transactions.

  1. Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto offers one of the best places to trade ZAR for Bitcoin. It is beginner-friendly and a good choice for new investors. The exchange allows crypto conversion with fiat currencies. It has the support of over 122 crypto assets and rare Defi tokens and Altcoins.

Bank transfers from local banks and SiD Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) are allowed on the platform for users in South Africa. Assets once acquired in the platform are stored in a cold wallet. Since they are disconnected from the internet, it is hard to access them. Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) is also an attractive feature in Easy Crypto. 

  1. is mainly a mobile-based high-level crypto exchange platform. The mobile app is available for download for both IOS and Android users. It is a one-stop shop for all your crypto needs. Services offered include selling, buying, and trading crypto assets, storage, and earning. Spending is done through the Visa card.

The security is impressive, with contingencies of insurance put up to prevent losses in case of breaches. Hardware wallets are used to store user assets. has an option to buy crypto with credit cards from South Africans directly with conversion charges.

  1. Binance

Binance is the largest crypto exchange globally, with uniques features and excellent trading tools for users. P2P trading is the best trading option for South Africans to buy or sell crypto. It is fast and easy to use since your payment is made in local currency ZAR with local payment methods. Binance users in South Africa also can withdraw ZAR directly to their preferred local bank accounts.

Fees in Binance are the lowest compared to other crypto exchanges. With 0% to 0.1% trading fees, it’s the best to handle even the smallest transactions. The interface is easy for beginners and has settings to favor veteran traders. Other services include staking, loans, and credit cards to spend your crypto.

  1. VALR – Domestic Crypto Exchange 

VALR is a South African-based domestic crypto exchange. It has a notable physical presence in South Africa for those users who wish to trade with a local platform. It supports over 60 cryptocurrencies, noting that all crypto prices are re-quoted with ZAR. Thanks to their onboarding technology, setting up an account is easy and fast.

Withdrawal fees range at R8.50, and credit card deposits are subject to a 3% admin fee. Trading fees are capped at 0.10%. VALR also supports crypto swaps on specific pairs, charged at 0.85 of the trade size. VALR stores users’ assets in Cold wallets for safety.

  1. is a CFD (Contracts For Differences) trading platform, making it not a crypto exchange technically. The platform allows users to speculate or trade futures for over 470 digital assets without owning the underlying token.

Leverage facilities are offered where users can enter into various available positions, for example, trading Bitcoin against the Rand (ZAR). also provides Stocks and ETFs, Forex, Indices, and more trading opportunities. Joining is fast and less complicated, with minimum deposits set at $20.