VALR Login

VALR login process and steps

If you have already Signed Up with VALR, then you will find the login process extremely easy. It is important to note that you are required to login each time you wish to trade with VALR because logging in not only provides you access for the user, but it also allows VALR to track user actions and behavior.
To login with VALR, you must:
Visit the VARL website at
Click on the ‘login’ link on the main menu
You will be presented with a login pop-up page which you must fill in with your;
Check the box to confirm that you are not a robot.
Click on the ‘Next’ button to complete the login process.

VALR password reset process

VALR is a crypto exchange company which was launched two years ago in the year 2019, besides being in the crypto exchange industry for such a short time, VALR has made a remarkable rise and is now regarded as one of the largest crypto exchanges in SA in terms of trading volumes. For you to be able to use the VALR platform, you are required to Sign Up for an account, and when you sign up, make sure that you memorise your account credentials so that you do not struggle to log in the next time, but in the event that you do not remember your password and you get lосkеd оut оf yоur VALR ассоunt, below is what you are supposed to do:
Visit the official VALR website at
Click on ‘Forgot Password’ and you will be redirected to another page where you are supposed to enter your email address.
Please enter your email address and VALR will send an email to reset your password.
Check the ‘i am not a robot’ box to confirm your humanity.
Click on the ‘Send Reset Instructions’ button
Check your email in order to reset your password.

VALR Sign Up process

VALR requires its users to Sign Up before they can participate in any trading activities on the platform, the good thing is that the Sign Up process is simple and absolutely free of charge.
In order for you to Sign Up or Register with VALR, you must:
Visit their official website at
Click on the purple ‘Get Started’ button.
Fill in the provided registration form with the following details;
First Name
Last Name
Confirm your humanity and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
You will receive a confirmation email to your registered email and you must then verify it to complete the registration process.
The VALR Verification Process
Please note that after verifying your email, you still need to complete a verification exercise in order for you to verify your true identity to VALR, this is a necessary step that you just have to complete.
The first thing you are required to do is to verify you phone number, you can do this by entering your phone number in the space provided and click on ‘Next’, you will receive a verification code via SMS, type in that code in the space provided.
You will then be asked to add your ID documents, click start when you are ready, it is very important for you to provide clear, original pictures of your documents. Please note that VALR does not accept scanned copies of ID, which are prone to tampering. Using your mobile to take a photo of your actual ID document is the simplest way to get verified.
After that, you will be asked to go through a simple live video process, please make sure you allow the site to access your laptop or phone camera to perform this part of the verification (You simply need to follow the instructions on screen when the video begins.)
Once you’ve completed the verification process, your account will either be activated straight away, or if we need further documentation from you we’ll contact you with further steps to activate your account (for example if the picture is blurry).