Min Deposits for South African Crypto Exchange Platforms

The crypto frenzy which has engulfed the entire world has also taken South Africa by storm. Thanks to this, thousands of South Africans in recent times have found their way to different crypto exchange platforms all in the quest to either buy crypto, trade crypto or sell crypto. While this is the case, it’s safe to say that the highest number of South African folks visiting crypto exchange platforms do so with one major intention. The intention is to buy crypto either for investment purposes or to use it in the immediate future at different merchants.

In light of this, we have penned this article as a way of sharing with all South African folks the minimum amounts, they need to deposit before they can buy or trade in crypto at various South African crypto platforms. Below is a rundown of the crypto exchange platforms operating in the country together with the minimum deposits they accept.


The minimum deposit accepted on Luno South Africa is $10 or equivalent at the prevailing South African Rand rate. However, it’s important to note that when registering and verifying one’s account at Luno, players go through various stages. During each of the stages, folks must part with R20.00 + 5.00% of the first deposit.


The minimum deposit accepted at Paxful also stands at $10.00. Paxful does not have any other hidden fees. Once you deposit, you can proceed straight to buying your crypto.


For fiat currencies, the minimum deposit accepted at Ovex is $10.00 or equivalent in the South African Rand. However, folks ought to note that they may make deposits using digital currencies at Ovex. The minimum deposits for digital currencies vary depending on the currency one is using.


The minimum purchase amount for any of the digital currencies available at Revix is R150. As such, this crypto exchange platform set its minimum deposit at R150. With the minimum purchase amount, traders at Revix can trade in virtually all of the cryptocurrencies available on the platform.


At VALR, all traders must deposit at least $10.00 or equivalent before they start trading. The beauty of the deposits at VALR is that they carry no deposit fees. Traders also can make deposits using their digital currencies. The minimum deposits for digital currencies vary depending on the crypto used. There are zero fees for digital currency deposits.


AltCoinTrader is a unique crypto exchange platform on this list as it doesn’t stipulate a minimum deposit. Rather, traders are asked to deposit any amount they have be it its fiat currency or digital currencies. However, traders ought to note that a 0.5% fee is charged for each deposit made at the platform. While this is the case, no matter how big the deposit made by the trader, the deposit fee will not exceed R95.00.


Coinbase comes with the highest minimum deposit on this list. At Coinbase, traders can only start trading once they have deposited at least $25 in their accounts. Traders in South Africa are afforded the opportunity to deposit using the local South African Rand but they need to ensure that their deposit is equivalent to $25.


The crypto exchange platform accepting the lowest minimum deposit on this list is Coindirect. At Coindirect, traders can deposit as low as just $1 and they can start trading. Coindirect also accepts deposits using the local South African Rand as well as digital currencies.


Easycrypto is a simple and easy crypto exchange platform. This is necessitated by the fact that the platform does not stipulate a predetermined minimum deposit. Traders can deposit whatever amount they have. Even more impressive is the fact that the deposits fetch zero deposit fees.


A beautiful thing about most crypto exchange platforms operating in South Africa is that they accept the local South African Rand as fiat currency for making deposits. On top, the platforms also accept digital currencies. This, therefore, means that South African traders are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing currencies. Even more impressive is the fact that low amounts are acceptable for deposits while in some instances, traders open accounts with zero dollars.