Easy Crypto Earn Campaign

Easy Crypto has a great marketing campaign which sees customers earning crypto for referring clients to Sign Up with the Crypto exchange.
This campaign is a win win for both the crypto exchange and the customer because the exchange’s clientelle will grow through the referrals and the customer will also earn crypto as well.
To begin with, if you are a prospective client, Easy Crypto has a great Sign Up bonus whereby you will earn $10 in your account just for Signing Up, you can use this bonus to kickstart your crypto journey. In order to get this amazing bonus, you mustr be a verified user.
If you are an existing customer, you will already know that with Easy Crypto, you earn 10% of what the exchange makes from a crypto purchase of someone you have referred, well, Easy Crypto has just made things even more exciting because you are now able to get an extra $10 for every new friend, family, or colleague that uses your referral link.
How do you refer your friends to Easy Crypto?
Making a referral is extremely easy, you simply have to follow the simple process below;
Login to your Easy Crypto account.
Find your Referral Link and share it with your friends.
You earn $10 of free credit, when they sign up and complete an order with us.
There are no limits to how many referrals you can stack, so the more you share the more you will earn.

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