Buying Crypto using debit and credit cards on Valr

VALR is a South African crypto exchange which was launched in the year 2019 – this company has made a remarkable rise and is now regarded as one of the largest crypto exchanges in SA in terms of trading volumes. VALR provide a digital asset platform that allows our customers to buy, sell, store and transfer cryptocurrencies seamlessly and securely, the main idea behind the creation of VALR was to help bridge the gap between our traditional fiat financial system and the new world of cryptocurrencies. The company offers a number of cryptocurrencies on its platform namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and several other cryptocurrencies are for trading. When it comes to the issue of fiat funds, the currency represented on this platform is the South African rand. The company is very popular because it tries to cater for everyone including the poor and that is the reason why its customers can buy Bitcoins for as little as 10 ZAR.

You will be excited to know that you are now able to buy crypto with VALR using either your credit or debit card, this is a welcome development because it makes the whole process of buying crypto convenient since these are some of the most popular payment methods in South Africa. Below are the instructions on how you can buy your crypto using either a credit or debit card. In order for you to make a deposit, you must;

Log into your VALR account either on the website or App

Navigate to your Rand wallet and click “Deposit.” 

Proceed by clicking on the deposit ‘via Card’ option. (VALR supports South African issued VISA and MasterCards, 3D Secure enabled cards and a daily deposit limit via credit or debit card, which is visible on the deposit screen)

Enter the amount you wish to deposit. 

You then need to confirm the amount you wish to send

You will be directed to PayGate to fill in your information and complete your deposit. 

Complete the 3D Secure process to authenticate your ZAR deposit and thereafter your funds will reflect in your VALR account. Deposited rands will now be available for you to trade crypto.

It is very important for you to make sure that you make a deposit from a bank account in your name. Once your deposit is complete, your credit or debit card will be saved to your profile for future use. There is an admin fee of 3.9 % for each credit card deposit. 

After your deposit has successfully been processed, it can take up to 0-1 business day to reflect in your VALR Wallet. This can take longer over weekends, Public Holidays, and when you deposit outside regular banking hours. 

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