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A lot of Crypto exchanges have introduced savings plans for its customers which allows its customers to earn passive income on their cryptocurrencies, but to be honest the AltCoinTrader Easy Save product is one of the best in the cryptocurrency industry because it gives traders freedom and control of their cryptocurrency. It is very important to have an appreciation of what a crypto savings account is and how it works, a crypto savings account work just like a savings account with a conventional bank, what happens is that the company behind a crypto savings account will lend, invest or stake your crypto on your behalf, then pay you a cut of the proceeds as regular interest payments.

AltCoinTrader recently launched a great product called Easy Save which offers you an opportunity to earn passive income by simply holding your cryptocurrency on AltCoinTrader and earn interest on your cryptocurrency. One of the greatest thing about this Easy Save is that there is no lock in period or fees, so you have instant access to your funds at any moment, and this is different from what other crypto exchanges are doing because they force you to lock your funds for a particular period or charge you fees to enter or exit the savings pool, this makes the Easy Save product from AltCoinTrader quite convenient.
It is important to note that all rewards rates are an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and these rewards are paid in the coin you deposited into Easy Save. It is important to note that your ZAR estimated earnings may fluctuate because the coin value is not static but it may change, this however does not affect your coin rewards. One of the most exciting things about Easy Save is that you should be able to see rewards earned within just a few minutes.
Easy Save is not a risk-free product as there are risks involved as well, what happens is that the AltCoinTrader investment team takes your funds and invest them with trusted and well researched third parties, so in the unlikely event that one of these third parties had to go bankrupt or dissappear, there is that possibility that your funds could be lost, but of course that is highly unlikely.
How to use the Easy Save feature?
In order for you to use the Easy Save feature, you must;
Log onto your AltCoinTrader account with your email address and your password.
Select the Easy Save option in the top menu.
Select the token you would like to put into Easy Save from our list of supported tokens.
Select the start saving button.
A pop up will appear where you will be able to input the amount you would like to save. You will the accept the Terms & Conditions and click the add funds button.
You will then confirm and the funds will be transferred into easy save. You will be able to view your interest at any time by selecting easy save and clicking on the token or buy viewing your wallet.

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